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Bauer Brochure

Bauer Selecton

Lovely brochure cover design for a Bauer Selecton film projector.

Via Iain Claridge

Vintage Maps

Shell Atlas

Here’s an awesome collection of vintage maps that Scott Hansen has compiled. I love this kind of stuff and I always scour eBay for these gems. The simplicity of these cover designs is fantastic. I wish they still looked this good. We now have to settle for this kind of crap.        

High-Res Images Of Press/1


As promised here are the high quality images of the Press/1 brochure sent over by Six art director Iain Follett. Thanks dude!

I actually received a copy of this brochure in the mail this weekend and it’s even better in person. The entire booklet has a nice texture to it.        

Immigration to Canada 1900-75


I just love this brochure cover on immigration to Canada designed by Ernst Roch in 1975. The way Roch visualizes the subject matter is brilliant and so simple.

Via Canadian Design Resource

Below are more examples posted by CDR readers of Roch’s work using this visual theme.