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Studio Lin

Studio Lin

A lot of excellent work from Alex Lin.

Filippo Nostri

Filippo nostri

Some people don’t like this super minimal approach to design, but I personally love it. Great work here by Italian designer, Filippo Nostri.

Katja Gretzinger


Wow! I’m absolutely blown away by the work of German designer, Katja Gretzinger. Exceptional typography, composition and style. Her work even has a vintage tone to it. Just look at the piece above. Stunning.        

High-Res Images Of Press/1


As promised here are the high quality images of the Press/1 brochure sent over by Six art director Iain Follett. Thanks dude!

I actually received a copy of this brochure in the mail this weekend and it’s even better in person. The entire booklet has a nice texture to it.        

La Conception Graphique De Caroline Fabès


Brilliant work by french designer Caroline Fabès.