Spreading The Love

Thinking For A Living

You’ll notice a new tout in the left side bar linking the exceptional site Thinking For A Living. It’s not paid advertisement, I just love what Duane is doing with that site and more people need to head over there because it’s such a great resource for new and old designers. Duane is also joining AisleOne as an author and will be contributing when he can. So give him a warm welcome and spread the word about his site.        

Thinking For A Living Booklet


Here’s a recent addition to the AisleOne Bookshelf.

Created for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications 3rd Annual National Student Show & Conference, this companion booklet to thinkingforaliving.org was created by BBDK’s creative director Duane King. Sized at 6″ x 9″ and consisting of 42 pages, the booklet is printed on salmon colored newsprint using only Cyan and Magenta. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person and a must for any collection. Duane did an excellent job. You can purchase at copy at You Work For Them.

You can view more photos of the booklet on my Flickr page

Also, don’t forget to check out my interview with Duane King.