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Bianca Chang

Bianca chang

Stunning. This is a series of paper cutouts by Australian designer, Bianca Chang. The 3-dimensional letterforms are created with multiple sheets of 80gsm paper. These much be really amazing in person. The form must change depending on the angle of view.

Loose Leaf Edition 01

Loose Leaf Edition 1

Loose Leaf is a new publication by Manual that features large-format printed art works. What’s unique about it is that each edition comes packaged ready to be installed on your wall. The publication is unbound and each piece if hole-punched allowing you to easily display it on a wall with small pushpins. Pretty neat.

You can find out more or grab a copy on the site.

Max Lamb Booklet


Pentagram created this wonderful booklet that celebrates the completion of a special piece by designer Max Lamb. I love the spreads in which the images span across both pages.

The Sameness Booklet


The art and cultural movement, De Stijl, promoted abstraction by simplify design to its most basic elements and utilizing vertical and horizontal orientations and primary colors.

The Sameness Booklet by Alex Fuller and Gabe Usadel pays homage to this Dutch movement with some beautiful, but simple spreads using only red, black and white. This stunning piece is offset printed and is typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk. Alex and Gabe are also responsible for a equally wonderful booklet titled: The Incredible Journey that is Consciousness.

You can order a copy of the book for $12.


Matthew Lyons


I want to switch it up a little today with the excellent illustration work by Matthew Lyons. I almost never feature illustration work, that’s because it’s rare for me to find good examples that fall within the “minimalism” and “modernism” categories. Matthew’s work does, on so many levels. His style is very minimal, he uses a lot of simple geometric shapes to form the elements and his subjects have a retro-modern-minimal 60’s feel to them that I absolutely love. The colors and shading are also very simplistic, not too much detail, just enough to get the idea across, but at the same time the illustrations have so much depth.

Brilliant work by an artist who’s still in school. Amazing.

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File Magazine


I’m digging this.

File Magazine is a bi-annual publication that focuses on graphic design, art and visual communication and includes a DVD that features shorts, videos, interviews and more. Each issue also features a limited edition print.

They’ve just released their first issue which can be purchased for £6.50.