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Birds of Minnesota

Birds of Minnesota

Happy New Year! I’m back from a needed vacation, fully rested. Hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Birds of Minnesota is a project by designer Tony Buckland, that highlights the birds found in the state. Each bird is illustrated in a minimal way without losing its essence. Really lovely collection.

You can purchase the posters here.

Art of the Arcade

Art of the Arcade

Keeping with this weeks theme of classic design, here’s a great site called Art of the Arcade by Nick Dart that showcases the lost video game designs and illustrations from the 70s and 80s. Hopefully it gets updated more frequently.

Cosas Mínimas


Cosas Mínimas (Minimal Things) is the personal portfolio of Madrid based illustrator and designer, Blanca Gómez. I’m in love with her illustrations. Every aspect of her style exhibits a sense of minimalism, from the simple geometric shapes, to the solid colors.

Also check out an interview with Bianca over at Grain Edit.      

Matthew Lyons


I want to switch it up a little today with the excellent illustration work by Matthew Lyons. I almost never feature illustration work, that’s because it’s rare for me to find good examples that fall within the “minimalism” and “modernism” categories. Matthew’s work does, on so many levels. His style is very minimal, he uses a lot of simple geometric shapes to form the elements and his subjects have a retro-modern-minimal 60’s feel to them that I absolutely love. The colors and shading are also very simplistic, not too much detail, just enough to get the idea across, but at the same time the illustrations have so much depth.

Brilliant work by an artist who’s still in school. Amazing.

Via ISO50        

15 Uses for Newsprint


A bunch of illustrators and designers occupying The Pencil Factory in Brooklyn have put together 15 Uses for Newsprint, a promotional newsprint poster zine featuring their own work.

My good friend Alex Eben Meyer is one of the included illustrators and his piece (pictured here) is by far my favorite of them all. Not to say the others stink, there’s a bunch of great pieces included.

The zine includes pieces by Kim Bost, Josh Cochran, Jennifer Daniel, Gilbert Ford, Jessica Hische, Grady McFerrin, Ted McGrath, Alex Eben Meyer, Chris Silas Neal, Zacharia O’Hora, Leif Parsons, Rachel Salomon, Joel Speasmaker, Jillian Tamaki, or Sam Weber.

You can order 15 Uses for Newsprint for $10 and the first 100 orders get an original drawing by one of the artists.

You can peak at some more photos over at The Pencil Factory Flickr page.        

Avoid This Book Like The Plague


My good friend Alex has informed me that his illustrations along with work from many other illustrators have been plagiarized in a book called Colorful Illustrations 93°C. The book is also filled with interviews by Darren di Lieto from The Little Chimp Society. If you see this book DO NOT BUY IT! Notify the store owner that the book is rip off. As a matter of fact, grab the book and throw it in trash!