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Gottschalk + Ash


Here’s some great vintage work by Gottschalk + Ash, a Montreal based agency formed in 1966 by Fritz Gottschalk and Stuart Ash. Check out more on Grain Edit.

Kurppa Hosk

I’m really impressed with the work of Swedish agency, Kurppa Hosk. The team is lead by Thomas Kurppa, Måns Jacobsson Hosk, and Andreas Pihlström (AKA Suprb). Spiffy little site too. I’m looking forward to the new work that’s going to come out of this place.

Thank Odd


Excellent work by London based agency, Odd. I specifically dig this brochure for a student fashion show in Milan.        

Design by Structure


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. For all the readers overseas, sorry about the short hiatus.

We start off the week with some excellent work by London based design agency Structure. I particularly love the work they did for BlackBerry.        

Unimark International


A simple site that takes you through a brief history of the world’s largest design firm, Unimark International. Founded by Ralph Eckerstrom and Massimo Vignelli, Unimark only lasted 13 years but some of the most famous corporate identities were born behind its doors. My favorite is the work done for Memorex.        



Cameron wrote in to let me know that his agency Third Eye has re-branded to Marque and they’ve launched a new site with a collection of very nice work.