Fritz Gottschalk

fritz-gottschalk-stamps.jpgIn 1973, Fritz Gottschalk designed these postage stamps for the Canada Post to cel­e­brated the meet­ing of the main orga­ni­za­tions involved in earth explo­ration. Beautiful.

Gottschalk is a renowned Swiss designer that founded the agency, Gottschalk+Ash Inter­na­tional, and is widely known for design­ing the Swiss pass­port. I can’t seem to find an image online of his pass­port design, if any­one has one I’d love to see it. Gottschalk+Ash Inter­na­tional is also respon­si­ble for two of lovely the­ater posters: one and two.

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  • Lovely — I’m sure I have these. As well as some other crack­ers. Per­haps I’ll head up to the attic and do a scan­ning ses­sion sometime.

    Thanks Anto­nio

  • Blair, that would be amaz­ing! Would love to see what you have.