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So a few people have been contacting me, asking how to see previous posts other than the two on the homepage. The theme didn’t offer such a feature, but I found a plugin that adds “Previous” and “Next” links below the main posts. So now you can navigate back through the previous posts, two at a time.

Please let me know if you run into any issues with the new feature.        

You Might Be Subscribed To The Wrong RSS Feed

I use this great plugin on this site called FeedSmith which redirects all of my default feeds to my FeedBurner feed. It works well but I just found a bug in Safari. If you click on the blue RSS icon in the address field at the top, the default feed doesn’t get redirected so you end up subscribing to a basic default feed. This is the only instance where I found this problem.

I’m looking into the problem but in the meantime if you’re subscribed to the AisleOne feed could you please double check to see if the feed URL is:

If it isn’t please update it. Thanks.        

NetNewsWire Style Version 2.0


Yesterday I updated the style I created for the RSS reader NetNewsWire to version 2.0. It’s a complete overhaul from version 1.0 with a new design.

Version 1.0 had some issues with displaying articles containing multiple images which forced me to create a second style that could handle this. Switching between two styles wasn’t really convenient so I set out to fix this. This new version can handle articles with any type of content, which is what the first version should have accomplished.

Version 2.0 features a design very similar to this blog, extending the visual experience of the site into your RSS reader. It’s simple, clean and easy to read.

I’ve tested the style in NNW 3.0 but it should work in older versions as well.

To install just double click the file.

Download NNW Style 2.0        

Year Of The Sheep


A few weeks ago I finished refreshing my personal site, Year of the Sheep. I’m getting a little tired with Flash, especially when it comes to updating, so this time around I used Indexhibit. Indexhibit is a web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound. I personally love it. It’s easy as hell to use and update and the CSS is very flexible. Oh and it’s free. Definitely check it out.

And for those wondering, I picked the name cause I was born in 1979, the year of the sheep in the Chinese zodiac.        



You have to respect any studio that has Brockmann and Crouwel posters on their walls. There, an agency based in Australia, has compiled an excellent body of work.

On a side note: I don’t like how their site functions. It’s pretty and all but it becomes very annoying when I have to wait for a new piece to load in Flash. It ends up taking forever to see all of the work and I quickly lose interest. I also don’t like that you can’t easily see all the work at once, even in thumbnail form. All the work should be right there and easy to view rather than having to explore the site in the dark. A good portfolio displays all the work at once, clearly and organized, so it makes viewing faster and more exciting. Area 17 is a great example of this. Flash is definitely the biggest cause for this issue. I think it’s being used more and more in a way where it’s become a barrier between the user and the work. In my opinion a simple CSS site works so much better for portfolios.

I’m not trying to trash There, they do awesome work, it’s just something I’ve been bothered with for some time now and needed to vent.        

Comment Notification Feature

Just wanted to let you guys know about the a new feature I added to the site. You can now be notified whenever a new comment is added to a specific post. When leaving a comment, under the “Submit Comment” button there is now a check box labeled “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. Check this before submitting your comment and you’ll subscribe to that post. Once you’re subscribed, you will see “Manage subscriptions” in it’s place. This is where you can manage all of your subscriptions.

I see that some of you are already using this, which is great.