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So a few people have been contacting me, asking how to see previous posts other than the two on the homepage. The theme didn’t offer such a feature, but I found a plugin that adds “Previous” and “Next” links below the main posts. So now you can navigate back through the previous posts, two at a time.

Please let me know if you run into any issues with the new feature.        

11 Comments on "Site Navigation"

  • Gio says

    It seems you choose WP, so use wp-pagenavi.

    not only “”, but also “”

  • C says

    I’d still prefer to see more than 2 articles on the main page.

  • Jeremy Kyle says

    I agree with the C.

  • Jeremy Kyle says

    my only gripe mind.

  • Antonio says

    wp-pagenavi doesn’t work with this theme. Already tried it. The plug-in I used was specifically made for this theme.

    Since the change of format, more than 2 articles would be cumbersome and would make page too massive. You’d loss a lot of the bottom information.

  • josh says

    that’s my gripe as well but thanks for adding the previous and next. I had figured out how to go through the posts not on the main page, but it was a pain.

  • FV says

    very good, i really missed that feature!

  • Nic says

    are you able to divuldge which navi plugin you used ?

  • Antonio says
  • Daniel says

    No problems here! It’s gorgeous, and unique and looks looooovely on a big Mac display!

  • Antonio says

    Daniel. Thanks for reading.