Experimental Jetset Shirts Reissued


After a year of being out-of-print, the excellent collection of t-shirts by Experimental Jetset are being reissued by Yoshi Kawasaki’s new label, Publik.

The first designs available are John & Paul & Ringo & George, New Wave/Neue Welle/Nouvelle Vague, Cu Vi Estas Esperantisto?, Flag/Sabbath/Big and Grow Your Hair. All are available in several color combinations.

I personally have the New Wave/Neue Welle/Nouvelle Vague and Cu Vi Estas Esperantisto? tee’s and they’re awesome. Might have to get these new color combos.

You can get more info on the designs here, here and here.        

3 thoughts on “Experimental Jetset Shirts Reissued

  1. Oh nice one Antonio, It was great to hear them talk about the development and concept behind the &&& shirts last weekend. I’m not sure it’s quite as prevalent as ‘I Love NY’, nonetheless it’s still a pretty concept.

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