Katja Gretzinger


Wow! I’m absolutely blown away by the work of German designer, Katja Gretzinger. Exceptional typography, composition and style. Her work even has a vintage tone to it. Just look at the piece above. Stunning.        

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  • Truly beautiful composition. One more thing from her work that I find amazing: http://www.mikati.net/berlinaddict.php

  • some really fantastic work here. i’ve seen some of her pieces floating around image library sites such as FFFFOUND etc., but until someone posts a profile, you rarely associate the work with the designer. so thanks!

  • Yep, her works are just amazing. I added her site to my bookmarks long-long time ago and from time to time visit it.

  • laily says

    Amazing, don`t see much of this kind of beautiful work out and about
    much these days…

  • Andrew says

    Great post. I love this designers work.
    BTW, ffffound has gone downhill big time.
    Kind of a shame; I kind of don’t care, though.

  • You might want to note that the actual quality of this piece does not lie the least in its composition etc. If you happen know the cultural context you will instantly recognise the design as a very obvious 1:1 citation (a slightly ironic one, that is): have a look at http://merve.de/. Merve Verlag have been THE poster child publisher of post-structuralist philosophy (Deleuze/Guattari, Baudrillard, …) and the likes in Germany. Their nice-price books and idiosyncratic design are well-known to practically every person that once stepped into a suitable humanities seminar during the last three decades. There’s nothing that screams ‘intellectual!’ as clearly as a Merve book cover 😉