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Katja Gretzinger


Wow! I’m absolutely blown away by the work of German designer, Katja Gretzinger. Exceptional typography, composition and style. Her work even has a vintage tone to it. Just look at the piece above. Stunning.        

A Brief History of Emil Ruder


A short but excellent write up over at Thinking for a Living about Emil Ruder, one of the pioneers of the International Typographic Style.        

Brauer Neue


Brauer Neue is a beautiful typefaced designed by the talented Swiss studio Elektrosmog. Brauer was originally designed by Pierre Miedinger (a nephew of Helvetica designer, Max Miedinger) for a Zurich based brewery called Brauerei Hürlimann. Below are two posters designed by Josef Müller-Brockmann in 1978 that feature the original typeface designed by Miedinger. Elektrosmog took this lost typeface and extended it into a full character set which includes Regular, Bold and Black weights.

You can purchase Brauer Neue from Lineto.