Hello T-Shirt Now Available


A Hello t-shirt was inevitable. The concept works on a shirt and I must say it turned out great. Working with Buddy Carr on this project has been a dream come true and it is great when the client just gets it. Buddy gets it.

The shirt is now available for $22 plus shipping and is also available as a package which includes the Hello Skateboard.

You can see more photos of the shirt and the sweet packaging it comes in on the site.

Here are the details:

Screen Printed on 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton
Super-soft, Lightweight, Slimfit
Machine Washable and Preshrunk to Minimize Shrinkage
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Color: White

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21 thoughts on “Hello T-Shirt Now Available

  1. There is something highly unoriginal going on here! Same with the skateboard.

    What BG, Black Text with Red bits, it’s all very boring and done. It’s safe, really bringing nothing to the table.

  2. No problem, we all have different tastes, but the comment about David Carson is pretty confusing. I don’t think you’ve ever seen Carson’s work because it’s not like this. It’s the total opposite actually.

  3. love the boards and the shirts. it confuses me when people say “safe”. if only people knew the process and construction that go into these “safe” designs… *sigh

  4. HerroHeo, thanks for the kind words. The “safe” comments also confuse me as well. Just because the design looks simple and minimal doesn’t mean the process is the same.

  5. yes i agree. i think that david carson comment is silly. i personally love this shirt. and i absolutely hate when people think that minimal equals safe or simplistic or lack of effort. why can’t things look clean and straightforward? it doesn’t mean effort wasn’t put into it! ugh, i could go on and on…

    two questions. are the sizes just men’s sizes? i really want one but not if the small is still really large. also, do you know the brand of shirt it’s printed on?

  6. Jen thanks. The shirts are made by Allstyle Apparel and the sizes are men’s but they run a little small. I usually wear a large and the large is kind of tight on me. Hope that helps.

  7. Leonardo da Vinci said — “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

    I’d have to agree.

    Nice work Mr. Carusone.

  8. Oh my god that is such a rip off.How do people get away with that?

    They’ve had no orders though. Poor implementation of a genius idea!

  9. It’s almost a shame to take the t-shirt out of the packaging. The packaging is the best part of this. It’s got that lovingly hand-made, crafted feel about it.

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