The Principles of Swiss Graphic Design

Blanka Brockmann

This is awesome. I need to get my hands on it.

Designer Dylan Mulvaney has designed this splendid bilingual, expandable book for Blanka. It honors the man, the legend, Josef Müller-Brockmann as well as conveys the principles of Swiss Graphic Design as exemplified by the leader of the revolutionary Swiss Style. Sounds perfect to me. Too bad I don’t see it anywhere on the Blanka site.

I contacted Blanka and they’ve never heard of Dylan Mulvaney nor are they part of this project. Really weird that this guy would claim such a thing.

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  1. i want this. i NEED this. antonio, if you find out how to order one, can you please post the information or email me?

  2. Firstly, I have never heard of Dylan Mulvaney, I am curious therefore how he reached the conclusion that Blanka was in anyway involved in this project. I love the principles of swiss graphic design and the works of Josef Müller-Brockmann, however I think this book looks really tame and I resent the fact that Dylan has tried to give this book more credibility by falsely associating the Blanka with it, Blanka is not releasing this book nor will it be and I am baffled why Mr Mulvaney thought it ok to say this as we have never spoken to him, baffled bemused and annoyed. Blam at Blanka

  3. Haha yeah it seems like he changed the text. Maybe it was a typo from the beginning. I did a search for Biasci and can’t seem to find anything on it.

  4. Dear Blogosphere,

    I’m a recent graduate — and like almost all recent graduates I’ve got a few pesky student projects still hanging around my portfolio. This expandable book is one of them.

    Our brief for the project asked us to create a publication of our choice on a designer or artist of our choice. We had to research the individual, write the entire publication, and choose a client to design it for so that we knew our audience, how it would be distributed, etc… Nothing out of the ordinary here.

    I read all of Müller-Brockmann’s books and decided to write a synthesis of his beliefs and the style’s beliefs on each of the major elements of graphic design. I also chose to make the publication bilingual, his were trilingual, to stay somewhat true to that publishing tradition.

    Most of my classmates chose major art museums and institutions to design their publication for. It became apparent to me during my research that Blanka would be a more appropriate organization for me to design my publication for. So I did.

    My personal portfolio site has only been used by me as an alternative or preview to my print portfolio — in the clearly understood context of a recent graduate’s portfolio with a clear mix of client and student work.

    I have not submitted any of my projects, including my Müller-Brockmann book, to any blogs. It was never meant to be viewed in the context that it has been.

    I don’t regularly check my site’s statistics so as soon as Blam contacted me and pointed out what was happening, I removed all references to Blanka in order to avoid misunderstandings within this new context.

    My apologies for the mixup! Now we can all keep calm and carry on.



  5. Dylan – i pretty sure the problem arose because when you say ‘designed for blanka’ the crazy old blogosphere will assume that is what you did, though your explanation above is lovely and all you didn’t actually say it was a student project on the page did you – come on admit it…. cheeky!

  6. Dylan! Haha I took a triple take at this post doing my daily visit to aisle one. I thought to myself “that sure looks familiar!” Congrats man and I hope Derrik is taking good care of you in NY!

  7. dylan… love this. haha. i just saw ander’s post and followed it, couldn’t believe what it led to. be good in nyc. peace n love. ps. ames misses u. so don’t forget to come visit now and again.

  8. hello. its obviously student work. glad the guy posted… i was coming to do the same. doesnt anyone remember being a recent graduate? trying to look established when you are not… thats just part of the game. at least the assignment called for naming a specific client – as all my student projects required as well. i think the “update” at the bottom of the post should be updated again to not sound so harsh, as it is obviously not necessary.

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