The Grid System Featured in Creative Review Magazine

A few weeks ago Creative Review Magazine contacted me about doing a small piece in their February issue about my site The Grid System. I just received a copy they sent me (I couldn’t find one in NYC believe it or not) and I think they did a great job with the piece. I’m deeply honored that I was asked to be included in the pages of this quality magazine and want to thank the folks over at CR for asking me to participate.

Head over to my flickr page to see more.

19 thoughts on “The Grid System Featured in Creative Review Magazine

  1. Fantastic. I’d like to get my hands on a copy… though sadly I almost never read print magazines anymore unless I’m actually subscribed to them. Anyway, congratulations.

  2. hi, I was just over at the Institute for Contemporary Arts here in London, UK and saw the Feb CR there in the ICA bookshop. that’s how i’ve found my way to your site…
    keep up the good work! thanks!

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