AisleOne has been Twitterfied


So I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and created an AisleOne Twitter page. Think of it as an extension of AisleOne. The main focus will still be design but it will extend to other areas, for instance fashion, industrial design, painting, anything that really doesn’t fit what I have going here. The AisleOne Twitter will also include some random posts on life and things of that nature. So far it’s pretty addictive. Check it out and follow me on Twitter!        

7 Comments on "AisleOne has been Twitterfied"

  • Cool to see you’re on Twitter now. I’m digging the color palette and the background, Antonio.

  • Antonio says

    Yeah, lately I’ve been into that minty green.

  • Nikolay says

    Oh. Good thing, Antonio!
    Following you already. Meet you there.

  • Hey

    Yeah I’ve recently hoped on too. It’s a cool resource of art&design links when you hook up with that community. My twitter is

    Hopefully you’ll follow?

    Now, off I go to try something with indexhibit. 😉

  • Johan says

    Finally! 🙂

  • maxl says

    could you please give me a hint? what typeface did you use for the tweet-badge? looks quite familar to the good old futura, but it is not, right?

    • Antonio says

      It’s Avant Garde.