Moa Moa


Superb work by Germany based designer Marko Puclin. Very clean and sophisticated work style which I love. I’m digging the huge images. I think everyone should do it up big.        

5 Comments on "Moa Moa"

  • are you getting an datebase error as the page loads?

  • wow, thats wierd, I accidently wrote his name in when I left that comment, erm I think I thought I was writing it in the adressbar? hmm wierd.

    anyways, datebase error. Site isn’t loading properly?

  • Antonio says

    Seems to be working fine for me.

  • Grant says

    The typography is really nice and simple. I always like seeing serif and sans serif on the same page.

  • Luis says

    Great work. Is exquisite. A deep love about typo and production.