Grid Systems T-Shirt


Love this new t-shirt by You Work For Them that mimics the cover of Brockmann’s famous book Grid Systems In Graphic Design.        

12 Comments on "Grid Systems T-Shirt"

  • MP says

    As much as I love the book, and the shirt concept; I’ve never been a fan of orange shirts.


  • Antonio says

    I don’t mind rockin’ the orange.

  • suhails says

    I guess the photo shoot of the t shirt could have been better 😉 LOL

  • It’s special,

  • It’s beautiful, but I think my stomach would break the grid!

  • Jeff says

    Awesome! love it!

  • Antonio says

    Steve! HAHAHAHAHAH! That made me laugh out loud!

  • johno says

    What a great idea. Here’s hoping I can get one in my size…

  • I HAVE NO MONEY!!!!!

  • drool… I want one!

  • Love the concept unfortunately though it does not come in black. Was the colour inspired by Josef Muller-Brockmann?


  • I should have read the description hahah