Oscar Wilde Booklet


Stunning booklet by Design Has No Name that covers the life and work of Oscar Wilde. The typography is superb as well as the grid.

You can see more photos on the DHNN site.

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6 Comments on "Oscar Wilde Booklet"

  • Hi Anton, thanks a lot for publishing our work, !

  • Antonio says

    Lucas, no problem.

  • Zinthek says

    Amazing work!

  • Zinthek says

    Oh yeah, can I purchase this anywhere?
    I really need a copy of this.

  • Zinthek how you doing?. this its not a commercial work, its just an experimental one, i has just made one of it, if you want, maybe i can do one for yourself, jsut a copy of it

  • Zinthek says

    Oh ok. If I ever need to publish a booklet, I’ll now the guy to talk to!