Nike Euro 2008


Amazing set of 16 limited edition t-shirts for Nike by Steve Rura. Each shirt represents a country that qualified for the 2008 Euro Soccer Tournament. I how do I get these cause I want them all.        

13 Comments on "Nike Euro 2008"

  • MP says

    I really like that Germany t-shirt, but I am biased….Deutschland vor! šŸ™‚

  • Antonio says

    The Italy one isn’t so great which is a bummer.

  • Nitzan says

    any luck with finding leads on how to get those?

  • Ryan Y. says

    Seems to be a great demand for these but no one knows where to get them. Ive got a soft spot for the holland & spain tops.

  • Nitzan says

    googling yielded no results.

    I would put my money on one of those online retailers for ltd editions/famous brands.

  • An effective use of simplicity, and they’re playful too. These are beautiful!

  • Antonio says

    I betcha they’re only selling these at the games.

  • MP says

    That might be true Antonio, I might have to get an Austrian buddy to pick one up.


  • so great!

  • Steve R says

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, thanks for the posting! I’m happy people are showing a lot of interest in the shirts. I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking where to buy them, and unfortunately, they are not currently for sale. Nike printed a very limited run, and is using them only for gifts to athletes and other individuals involved with Nike Football.

    I put them up on my website to see if there was public interest, hoping they would print more and sell them. So far, I haven’t heard anything back from Nike. With the tournament almost over, I’m not holding my breath.

    I’ll update this post if anything changes.

    Thanks again!

  • Steve.

    Your work is really great–especially the Nike T’s. I know you said your not holding your breath, but it would be great to push on in trying to have them printed–so many people want them. Anything all of us could do to help?

  • MP says

    Wow Steve, that’s a bummer. I wonder if there is anyway we can suggest another print run to Nike? Does Nike have a suggestion box? šŸ™‚ At any rate, those are lovely designs.


  • Antonio says

    Steve, thanks for the update and awesome work man. Maybe you can convince Nike to do a small run for the design community seeing that we’re probably more interested in these shirts than the actually fans.