10 thoughts on “Neubau Grotesk

  1. I like everything Neubau does.

    The light versions of this face are the sweetness.

  2. This typeface would REALLY benefit some optical changes.
    The round characters should have overshoot on the baseline and x-line, to make them seem equally high as the other characters. Where a stroke joins on the stem, like in the ‘r’ and the ‘G’, the joining line should become a bit thinner; to counter optical black blobs. A geometric sans should never be geometric, otherwise it looks wrong (see well known geometric sans, like Futura) In this sample the ‘s’ and the ‘k’ look too wide to me. The top of the ‘t’ usually doesnt reach the ascender hight.

  3. @Alex
    I agree Alex. These weren’t trying to make a face that’s optically correct and I don’t mind it. I like when the rules are broken.

  4. Agreed with jelmar. I cling to Modernist theory, like all of you, but am aware that the grid doesn’t always provide optical perfection. If it’s a rule that’s been broken, I feel it’s been broken in a way that doesn’t help, but hinders. The tops of the round figures don’t appear to align with the horizontal tops of the 7 and 1. The crossbar on the “e” makes it look heavier than everything else. Modernists weren’t only concerned with perfect geometry, they were also concerned with a pleasing gray tone implied by the black characters on a white page when they collect together as a whole. Look super close to a good cut of Helvetica and you can see all of the optical compromises. It’s one of the many reasons it’s so perfect.

  5. Wow, that flash thing that resets before you even get half a glance at the font is so annoying that I will now never look at this typeface again, out of pure revenge

  6. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not out to offend anyone! 🙂
    I just think the typeface is not really well executed. The idea is great, I love geometric sanses, but I just think some optical corrections would really make it more useful. If you check FF DIN up close for example, you’ll notice it is not strictly geometric. Yet, it does look like it is.

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