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Argentina 78? World Cup Poster

Argentina 78? World Cup Poster

Totally forgot about this poster until some folks on Twitter reminded me about it. Beautiful work, but no info on who designed it. Argentina was going through a dark time then, so any info on it was probably lost. A shame.

Adidas Soccer Ball

Adidas soccer ball

Adidas soccer ball

Not sure if this is a real project, I hope so, but this soccer ball design by Maxim Bykov is excellent. Simple, and has traditional feel to it.

Nike Euro 2008


Amazing set of 16 limited edition t-shirts for Nike by Steve Rura. Each shirt represents a country that qualified for the 2008 Euro Soccer Tournament. I how do I get these cause I want them all.        

Euro 08 Flyers


A beautiful set of flyers from David Corti of September Industry.