Design Goodies


I just posted on my Flickr page some sweet design goodies that a few generous designers sent to me.

First we have a two-sided poster designed by Josh Gomby for the Rochester Institute of Technology screening of the Helvetica documentary. Josh was kind enough to send me two copies of this.

Then there’s an invite for the Helvetica 50 exhibition designed and sent to me by Xavier Encinas of peter&wendy.

Lastly, Robin Uleman surprised me with two beautiful booklets he designed for Premsela.

You can check out more photos of each piece on my Flickr page.        

4 Comments on "Design Goodies"

  • david says

    Im liking what I see Antonio. Wait until you see what I picked up today…Tomorrow 🙂
    P.S. have you had a go at the Monday challenge?

  • Antonio says

    david, what’s the MOnday challenge?

  • David says

    The challenge is to guess who the designer is. Its on the blog 😉

  • Josh says


    Thanks for the hype!