Rejected Book Covers


Check out these gorgeous book covers designed by Klas Ernflo that were rejected by a publisher. What were they thinking? These cover designs are stunning and I would buy the book just for it! There are other covers on the site that are great as well.        

12 Comments on "Rejected Book Covers"

  • BillyBlaze says

    Beautiful! Some .. a lot… of people don’t know what they would have or what is in front of them 🙁 quite dis-heartening sometimes

  • MatthewNotMatt says

    The wine labels on the site are also beautiful. Like the book covers, simple but so attractive.

  • Ivo says

    some people just can’t see

  • Sandro says

    they look great but they don’t offer high level of communication.

  • Antonio says

    They have the artists name on the cover. I’m not sure how much more you need to communicate.

  • Very simple and attractive. Artist name is enogh to me, to see what book is about. Van Gogh cover is so awsome I want to lick it 😉

  • Antonio says

    HAHA! Jarek I agree. It looks yummy.

  • Maria says

    pistilli roman?

    Editors…probably looking for a cinematographic take an image…BULL.
    Agree about having the author’s name as the main informarmation piece. Perhaps a bit more interesting color system will make it more complicated for those that like that…

  • ^ I don’t believe he is using Pistilli Roman, but it’s something quite close:

    The tail of the capital R here is more ‘flowy’ than the pistilli one, and the bottom of the corner of the lowercase y sticks out. It could very well just be a little bit edited, though.

  • Joey says

    Really beautiful work, there. Wow.

  • Antonio says

    It’s definitely not Pistilli. These serifs have hard corners, the serifs in Pistilli are rounded.

  • Mirko says

    You are right, it’s a shame that those book covers have been rejected.