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I’m not much of a serif guy but I do love ITC Lubalin Graph. It’s basically a serif version of Avant Garde designed in 1974 by Herb Lubalin. The forms are identical in both typefaces, but Lubalin Graph contains slab serifs giving it the beauty of Avant Garde but with a more traditional feel. I know there’s an alternates version that contains special slanted letters and ligatures but I can’t find it anywhere. The entire family can be had for around $200 which includes Extra Light, Book, Medium, Demi and Bold. I might have to invest in this. There is also a condensed version but I doesn’t look that great.

If anyone has anymore info about this face or the alternates version, please shoot me an email. Thanks.        

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  • Big fans of Lubalin Graph:
    (see logo)

  • Christine says

    How about Archer by Hoefler & Frere Jones or Stymie by Morris Fuller-Benton?

  • Here’s more info on the alternates.

  • Nvane says

    One of my favorite fonts tho 😉

  • Antonio says

    Christine, Stymie is nice, not too crazy about Archer, the “c” is weird, but I think Lubalin just has a uniqueness to it that these don’t.

    Duane, thanks for that link. So it seems like the alternates haven’t been digitized which is very unfortunate. Someone needs to get on that ASAP.

  • Amen to that. I would love the alternates. I’ll check in with my buddy Justin Kay of Discover Upnorth to get the scoop straight from him. He’s pretty well informed on photo type conversions.

  • Antonio says

    Ok cool. Let me know.

  • jtk says

    pardon the delay on this (was out of town) – thanks for the heads up duane.

    the alts on this definitely are not digitized. i got a specimin form an old letraset catalog i used for reference to build out my own when needed.

  • Antonio says

    Justin, thanks for the update.

  • LG is one of my favorite fonts. You could just make the ligatures yourself.

  • Antonio says

    I just might have to Georgios.

  • Aaron says

    Anyone care to post a decent scan of the letraset catalogue?

  • Antonio says

    Aaron, I haven’t seen one. If I find it I will be sure to post it.

  • Aaron says

    Rock and roll