I’m A Father!

My son Dino was born last night! He’s wonderful! Posts will be sparse the next few days but I’ll be back once we get settled in!        

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  • BMac says


  • And on Valentine’s Day! Congrats to you and the mother, and hope everything will go well.

  • Preik says


  • Congratulations, that’s wonderful!

  • JC says

    Congrats Antonio!

  • Now this is a news ! I’m sure he will be a great type designer ;o) Congratulations to mom and dad !

  • Andrew says

    Congratulations to you and yours. Valentine’s Day of all days; it seems appropriate.

  • PZ says

    From your father to your son, the name carries on. Congratulations!

  • Coen says

    Congratulations Antonio!

  • Steffen says

    Great! Congratulations from Germany!

  • michael says

    Wow! Congratulations!

  • Igor says


  • Louije says

    Funny, I thought you would call him Helvetius or something like that. Congrats’, man.

  • Joey says


  • Congratulations! That’s awesome…and I hate to plug…but I think the site I just finished would be awesome for you. MyBabyOurBaby.com

  • Yes! Congrats my friend. Enjoy the newest member of Team Carusone.

  • Steven Wang says

    with great power comes great responsibility.

  • Dave says

    Congrats!! Thats great news

  • Maxim says


  • kaos says


    I’m currently awaiting my first-born as well (due date was last wednesday, so any minute now…).

    But, whatever you do, do not name the child “Valentino” or something similar, just because he was born on Valentine’s Day 😉

  • Dan says

    That’s great news, Congrats!

  • Glenn says

    Congratulations from everyone at FFF!

  • Nate says

    Congrats fella!

  • Stefan says

    Congrats! No design can beat that!

  • congrats man!!

  • Olof says


  • grats!
    I’ve got 2 boys and it’s wonderful … good luck!

  • Max says

    Congratulations from Russia!!!

  • christian says

    Congrats bro… all the way from Italy!!

  • erick vogel says


  • Rich says

    Many congratulations dude!

  • Great news, Antonio. Congratulations.

  • johno says

    Great news…hope he grows into a fine typographer 😉

  • Congratulations!

  • Antonio says

    Thanks everyone. I didn’t expect such a big response. Being a dad is an amazing feeling and I’m looking forward to teaching my son about leading and san-serifs. We’re back home from the hospital so I’ll be posting this weekend. I have some nice goodies waiting for everyone.

  • M2 says


  • Joey says

    Antonio: only sans-serifs? Give the serifs some love too!

  • Cookie503 says


  • Dave says

    Congratulations and regards from Grafikcache.

  • Congratulations and welcome to the greatest club on earth! I got your message about the network and I’d love to have you on board. Let’s talk when you’ve got a little more time.

  • mmolai says

    good luck & get some sleep

  • Andri says

    Congratulations! Me and my sister love your style 😉

  • Ivo says