Hans G. Conrad: HfG Ulm

Hans conrad hfg ulm

AisleOne reader, René, was kind enough to write in to share his collection of photos taken by Hans G. Conrad, the first student at the Ulm School of Design / Hochschule für Gestaltung HfG Ulm. Conrad passed away several years ago, but before he did he gave René over 12,000 photos. About two years ago René began to upload the images to Flickr. A lot of really great photos already up there, like the one pictured here of Otl Aicher teaching a typography class. You’ll find a lot of other great design legends in the photos like Bayer, Eames and Bill.

What a great way of remembering such a historic school and influential designers.

Writings on Architecture


Another gorgeous book by Bierut’s team at Pentagram. Writings on Architecture is being published in conjunction with the rededication of Rudolph’s newly restored masterpiece, Yale’s Art and Architecture Building.

Also check out this gallery of excellent posters designed by Michael Bierut for the Yale School of Architecture.        

Hyper Island

I’ve been asked by Hyper Island to be a part of their video recruitment tour. Hyper Island is promoting their Diploma Programs for English speaking people and this video is one of ten videos with the purpose to show what to expect when studying at Hyper. Ten different video clips will be touring exclusively on a few sites as well as on Hyper’s blog. AisleOne is featuring the 3rd video of the series in which three co-workers from Hyper Island talk about the schools methodology and what students can expect when studying at Hyper. The first two can be found on Form Fifty Five and The Strange Attractor.