Hans G. Conrad: HfG Ulm

Hans conrad hfg ulm

AisleOne reader, René, was kind enough to write in to share his collection of photos taken by Hans G. Conrad, the first student at the Ulm School of Design / Hochschule für Gestaltung HfG Ulm. Conrad passed away several years ago, but before he did he gave René over 12,000 photos. About two years ago René began to upload the images to Flickr. A lot of really great photos already up there, like the one pictured here of Otl Aicher teaching a typography class. You’ll find a lot of other great design legends in the photos like Bayer, Eames and Bill.

What a great way of remembering such a historic school and influential designers.

10 Penneth


The always inspiring Craig Oldham has created a small booklet titled 10 Penneth that spawned off of a lecture series he gave to graphic design students. The booklet is a series of short essays that help students become better graphic designers and better understand the profession.

The design aesthetic doesn’t fall in line with what usually gets posted here, but I think the principles behind it are the same. The execution is beautiful in my opinion, minimal and visually interesting.

I personally love any project that educates students on graphic design, especially when they’re free! That’s right, Craig will send you a free copy of the booklet as long as you cover a small postal fee. Just shoot him an email.        

The Grid System Forum


I’m happy to announce the The Grid System Forum. I was receiving a lot of emails with questions on how design and use grid systems so a forum just makes sense.

If you have any questions on grids, need help with a grid you’re constructing, want to get some feedback on some work or just want to learn about the history of grid systems, sign up for the forum start chattin’ it up.

At the same time if you see anything weird, or don’t like something, or think something should be added, please let me know. I’d love your feedback.