Bosh Magazine

Bosh Magazine

Back in 2007, the creators of the motorcycle magazine DicE included a 16 page skate magazine called BosH in the middle of it. The magazine features images that spanned the early days of skating, and also interviews with skate legends like Steve Olson and Duane Peters. BosH only lasted 3 years, but it seems to me like it was one of the best skate publications produced in a while. I really love the cover designs and the use of minimal photography, and the type is perfect.

Via Ian Claridge

Wrench Monkees


When it comes to minimal design, my passion for it extends way beyond graphic design. When it comes to design in general, whether it be a house, a shirt, or a spoon, I also prefer a minimal approach and aesthetic. So when I saw these custom motorcycles by Copenhagen based shop Wrench Monkees, I immediately fell in love.

Most of their bikes have a cafe racer style which I love, and the bikes are stripped down to their bare essentials: a motor, two wheels and a handle bar. The bikes have more a mechanical look to them as oppose to the mainstream bikes that are all cover in plastic.

When looking for inspiration, even motorcycles can influence my designs. I love it.