Bloomberg Businessweek Japan Cover

Businessweek Japan Cover

Lately, I’ve been really impressed with the design of Businessweek, especially the covers. Creative Director Richard Turley has been doing a fantastic job and it’s really refreshing to see this type of aestheitc being applied to something so unexpected. I’ve never been a Businessweek reader, but these covers are tempting me to pick up the issues to see what else is in store. That can only be a good thing for them.

All the covers have been great, but the latest one for their Crisis in Japan issue is superb. The cover is simple. It features an illustration, by Noma Bar, of the rising sun with a crack in the shape of a screaming face. At the top left is the logo, along with “Crisis in Japan”. Simple, beautiful and straight to the point. I’m so glad that they didn’t go with some photo of the devastation, this seemed a lot more appropriate. The final touch is the flap that covers the screaming face, which acts as a nice reveal to the viewer.

Richard, writes on his blog about the process they took to create the cover.

Die Neue Gesellschaft


I’ve been searching for months and months now for a single copy of Die Neue Gesellschaft, a political magazine that was art directed by Helmut Schmid, but they seem to be extremely rare. I was able to get in touch with some people who curate Schmid’s work and they sent over some original scans of the covers which are just gorgeous. I’m trying to get them to send over more but they haven’t replied to me in a while. In the meantime drool over these. This design was first used in 1974 with issue #7 and remained in use until 1981.

Honestly, I would pay good money for a complete set of these. I’m so obsessed with them.

Burt Bacharach Vinyl Record Cover


This weekend I was in Virgin and I picked up this Burt Bacharach record. Not because I’m a fan of his music but because I love the slip cover design. So simple but beautiful. Great example of the International Typographic Style. I have to do some investigating and find out who designed this.

Extra credit points for anyone who can name that typeface.

You can check out more photos of this lovely cover on my Flickr page.