Vignelli: Oppositions


Massimo Vignelli is known for many pieces of work that are now famous, like the American Airlines logo, the Stendig Calendar, and the NYC Subway Map. But one of my favorites works of his is the design for Oppositions. I’ve written about it before. It was an architectural journal pub­lished from 1973 to 1984, and it’s an excellent display of balance, composition, and hierarchy.

I figured this is the perfect time to remember this piece of work.

You can view covers and spreads of the publication on Flicker.

Tim Navis Photography


I’ve been a fan of Tim Navis’ work for sometime now, and I’ve been meaning to feature it here. A recent post on ISO50 inspired me to finally do it.

Tim’s photo work is exceptional. What stands out the most for me are the compositions and color tones of the images. The colors have a natural, almost vintage feel to them. Tim creates vibrate and exciting colors, but there’s also a washed out look to them that I love. The blacks are never crushed, and the whites have a slight yellow tint to them. I aim for similar color tones in my photos.

You can purchase some of these wonderful images over in Tim’s store.

Laurent Nivalle Photography


French photographer Laurent Nivalle has a stunning portfolio, but it’s his Le Mans Classic series that just blows my mind. The mix of vintage race cars, and the faded colors trick you into believing that these are photos from the 60s. The crops and compositions are just perfect, and the buttery shallow depth of field make the images irresistible. Makes me miss DSLRs. Laurent does also have an excellent gallery iPhone photography.      

Kim Høltermand Photography


I’m loving Kim Høltermand’s photography. The colors, composition and subject matter give the images a very graphic feel. Makes me want to get back into photography.

Kim is also responsible for these excellent VW tribute posters but it seems like they’ve been removed from the site.