Tim Navis Photography


I’ve been a fan of Tim Navis’ work for some­time now, and I’ve been mean­ing to fea­ture it here. A recent post on ISO50 inspired me to finally do it.

Tim’s photo work is excep­tional. What stands out the most for me are the com­po­si­tions and color tones of the images. The col­ors have a nat­ural, almost vin­tage feel to them. Tim cre­ates vibrate and excit­ing col­ors, but there’s also a washed out look to them that I love. The blacks are never crushed, and the whites have a slight yel­low tint to them. I aim for sim­i­lar color tones in my pho­tos.

You can pur­chase some of these won­der­ful images over in Tim’s store.

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  • wow beau­ti­ful pho­tos, thanks for sharing!