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Almir Mavignier

Almir mavignier

Almir Mavignier is a Brazilian born painter and graphic designer that studied at the Ulm School of Design (hfg Ulm). During his career he has amassed a massive portfolio of excellent poster designs. His use of colors and geometrics shapes is brilliant. There was also a book published featuring his posters titled, Almir Mavignier: Additive Posters.

Via Ricardo Nucci

Robin Uleman Update

Robin uleman

I haven’t posted about Robin’s work in a while. Glad to see that he’s updated his site with some new work.

Salone Posters

Salone posters

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is a trade fair that was formed in 1961 that is a showcase of excellent Italian furniture. Dwell has featured a great gallery showing the evolution of the event posters. My favorites are pictured here. Both were designed by by Alberto Longhi, the top in 1968, and the one below was done in 1976. You can find some additional information here.

Lark Cigarette Packaging

George tscherny lark cigarettes

Love this packaging design created in 1968 by George Tscherny for Lark. A great design for a terrible product.

ABC Verlag

Abc verlag

ABC Verlag (Edition) was a book publisher based in Zurich, Switzerland that released a superb collection of graphic design and fine art books between 1962-1989. I’ve been personally obsessed with these books and have been on a hunt for them for the last 4 years. They contain some of the best graphic design of the last century, and each book covers a different topic.

I recently uploaded photos to my Flickr of my three most recent additions to my collection:

History of the Poster – 1971 – Josef Müller-Brockmann
Design Concept Realisation – 1975 – Wolfgang Schmittel
Color Sells Your Package – 1969 – J.P. Favre

I can get lost in this stuff for days.