5 thoughts on “Lark Cigarette Packaging

  1. I really really love this. It has a refreshingly unusual (and not in the dated this-is-from-the-60’s kind of way) color palette that looks very much unlike all other cigarette packaging.

    It says “designer packs” on the one image though…which makes me wonder if this packaging ever had a widespread release?

    Regardless, I love the design and the comment on the linked article about how the logotype as rearrangeable geometry had come back into vogue lately. I think that is totally true.

  2. These are really fabulous… and agree with Ben – that they don’t have the stereotypically “dated” look of the 60’s per se… yet have an old world value to them. Gorgeous. Grateful that they don’t exist – encouraging me to pick the dirty old habit back up again! cc

  3. Thanks for posting this.. I hadn’t heard of George Tscherny before, and after seeing this post and researching him a bit he’s a new favorite!

  4. I love the snarky, condescending comments here. O-o-o-h, those terrible cigarettes! The triumph of political correctness and health authoritarianism. Well, well, back in those days I smoked Lark cigarettes; it was my regular brand. This rather refined package design couldn’t have been around for long because I only vaguely remember it, and had totally forgotten it until seeing it here. I’m sure I never bought a pack with that design. I’ll say this much, however: if they were around today I’d buy ’em in a minute, if only to defy the sanctimonious anti-smokers, as well as enjoy the design, and, oh yes, the cigarettes too.

  5. As an artist that is addicted to nicotine id grab a pack of larks in no fuckin time flat if they got this packaging! Hell id smoke em any ways just for the kinda weird ironic dead out dated pop culture appeal… fuck, id smoke a cheapo whatever right now anything else than the unsatisfying drag of an e-cig

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