Super Rare Design Books On Ebay


I was just doing some ebay searching and found auctions for two VERY VERY rare graphic design books.

Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry* (Chemie Werbung Und Grafik) – Published in 1967.

Moderne Werbe Und Gebrauchs Grafik Published in 1980.

Both are part of the ABC Verlag series of design books and are authored by Hans Neuburg.

I own both books and dropped a nice chunk of change for them, but they’re so worth it. You almost never find these two books anywhere so this is a super rare opportunity for some lucky person. I wanted to give you guys the heads up so one of you could grab them first. No bids on them yet so you can probably get them for a good price. And no, I have nothing to do with these auctions. Just wanted to spread the love.

Setting Up A Baseline Grid


Check out this excellent write up on Typophile on how to setup a flexible baseline grid in Adobe InDesign. The author has set up the grid so that every baseline is 12pts apart. This is a good setting that gives you a few leading options to choose from, but someone commented below the article that they’ve setup a 3pt system, which in my opinion works very nicely. Having a baseline every 3 pts gives you great flexibility with leading allowing you to create typography that is more dynamic.

Have a read and also join in on the discussion. I’ve commented under the name YOTS.        

Die Neue Gesellschaft


I’ve been searching for months and months now for a single copy of Die Neue Gesellschaft, a political magazine that was art directed by Helmut Schmid, but they seem to be extremely rare. I was able to get in touch with some people who curate Schmid’s work and they sent over some original scans of the covers which are just gorgeous. I’m trying to get them to send over more but they haven’t replied to me in a while. In the meantime drool over these. This design was first used in 1974 with issue #7 and remained in use until 1981.

Honestly, I would pay good money for a complete set of these. I’m so obsessed with them.

Int’l Male Posters


A nice collection of gig posters that were recently added to my International Typographic Style flickr group. Design by Pinch, the layout system allows a poster to be created in less than 30 minutes. I wonder if a grid system was used to create the layout.