Super Rare Design Books On Ebay


I was just doing some ebay searching and found auctions for two VERY VERY rare graphic design books.

Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry* (Chemie Werbung Und Grafik) – Published in 1967.

Moderne Werbe Und Gebrauchs Grafik Published in 1980.

Both are part of the ABC Verlag series of design books and are authored by Hans Neuburg.

I own both books and dropped a nice chunk of change for them, but they’re so worth it. You almost never find these two books anywhere so this is a super rare opportunity for some lucky person. I wanted to give you guys the heads up so one of you could grab them first. No bids on them yet so you can probably get them for a good price. And no, I have nothing to do with these auctions. Just wanted to spread the love.

18 Comments on "Super Rare Design Books On Ebay"

  • michael says

    Too rich for my blood!

  • Antonio says

    Haha, those prices are actually very cheap for those books.

  • frank says

    I am wondering…
    Would you post these auctions if you were interested in those books?
    Probably not (150 euros and growing)
    Anyway, it’s your blog, you post all what you want…
    Well, despite all, congratulations for your blog and many thanks for sharing your collection

  • Antonio says

    I probably would but I’m not sure why that matters.

    Thanks for reading.

  • michael says

    I think what Frank is trying to say is that since you already own the books and aren’t interested in bidding, by posting them on aisleone, you may have somehow increased traffic to the auctions, and thereby increased the bidding. However, the reality is that most people probably didn’t even know about those particular books in the first place, so unless you pointed the auction out, they wouldn’t have been able to bid!
    Sheesh! I’m spent!

  • Sean says

    First, your blog is great!!! Always turns up great new stuff.

    I realy like the look of these books. You said you own both of them already so I was wondering how you’d feel about posting some spreads from them on your blog to let those of us who won’t be able to get our hands on them see whats inside? I know I’d realy like a little look at what’s inside them!


  • Antonio says

    Sean, thanks for reading. You can see the inside of the books at the following link:

  • MP says

    Thanks Antonio for the flickr link. I might convert some of those to pdf for my digital library, especially those sign/symbol manuals. That cool with you?


  • Antonio says

    Yeah man go for it.

  • MP says

    Hey Antonio,

    I got a few of them converted to PDF, let me know if you want me to send them your way. Cheers.


  • arcd says

    PS these books seem to have be taken down!! I was bidding on one and got an email from eBay germany saying user had violated rules etc!!

  • Antonio says

    Wow very strange.

  • valentina says

    did u sell the second one?
    it’isnt on ebay anymore :/

  • diva says

    Hi folks,

    I have the book “Moderne Werbe- und Gebrauchs- Grafik by Hans Neuburg” in an ebay auction. One bidder offers me 20 €, but I am not sure thats enough for thid book. What would be a fsir price form both of us?

  • diva says

    I forgot to post the link to the auction:
    Book is in a good condition, better than that on the picture above


  • Antonio says

    I definitely paid a little more than that and yours is in much better condition.

  • i offer this book (Chemie, Werbung, Grafik by Neuburg, Hans) at and would also deal outside amazon (maybe paypal) and send world-wide

  • C. DeTorres says

    Dear Mr. Muller,
    I would be interested in purchasing this book if it’s still available.