FontShop just released a new font called Tondo by Dalton Maag. It comes it 3 weights (Light, Regular, Bold) as well a condensed version. I have soft spot for round faces (I need to use them more) and Tondo is reminiscent of the exceptional face VAG.        

7 Comments on "Tondo"

  • Marc says

    I like it, although I would prefer Omnes. It’s very closely related to the rounded sans-serif faces, it bears just a tad more imperfections (as well as weights and accompanying italics). Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  • Antonio says

    Marc, never seen Omnes before. It’s nice but I’m not sure about the curls on some of the characters. The lighter weights are very nice.

  • MP says


    I do like Omnes, however if I was in the market for rounded sans serif type, I would have to sit with Tondo, due to the file format. Unless there is an Open Type option I’m not seeing.


  • I’m a fan of Dalton’s typefaces but this like most of their typefaces carries a rather hefty price tag!

  • David says

    Its a lovely typeface, I really like the light version, hence I bought it. :0

  • jim says

    omnes $999.99… what?!

  • David says

    David I only just realised that you don’t have to buy it as a set of 4. How slow am I? 😉