Hugo & Cat – The BLK Book


Uk agency Hugo & Cat initially designed and produced the BLK Book as a Christmas gift for their clients. I’m lucky enough to have an early copy and it’s a superbly crafted book that just makes you want to crack it open and take a big whiff of the glue, ink and paper. It’s pieces like this that make me love the printed medium.

The book is hand finished in heavy ebony Colorplan paper, printed with gold and white foil by Generation Press.

The BLK Book will soon be available for purchase.

Brian Eno Limited Edition Box Set


I just came across this insanely gorgeous piece of print design by Nick Roberston. It’s a limited edition box set for musician/artist Brian Eno that includes 12″ square lithographic prints of Brian’s artwork. The artwork is printed on 352gsm Mohawk Superfine stock and everything is packed in a hardcover type package and features some fine foil stamping.

The overall package is beautiful and the level of detail really makes this piece extraordinary.