Brian Eno Limited Edition Box Set


I just came across this insanely gorgeous piece of print design by Nick Roberston. It’s a limited edition box set for musician/artist Brian Eno that includes 12″ square lithographic prints of Brian’s artwork. The artwork is printed on 352gsm Mohawk Superfine stock and everything is packed in a hardcover type package and features some fine foil stamping.

The overall package is beautiful and the level of detail really makes this piece extraordinary.

3 Comments on "Brian Eno Limited Edition Box Set"

  • Go to More Dark Than Shark at for everything about Brian Eno…

  • choice of colors and material looks exceptional. It gives really nice look and feel

  • korii says

    too bad the music isn’t as beautiful, well crafted and tasteful as the graphic design. it’s okay to buy the book for it’s cover though isn’t it??