Designing for the Dead


When I leave this great world, I want my headstone to exhibit the type of design aesthetic that I value. Basically, I want it to look exactly like this one for Factory Records founder, Anthony Wilson. It was designed by his longtime friends, Peter Saville and Ben Kelly. A beautiful tribute.

12 Comments on "Designing for the Dead"

  • Jan says

    So clean — and so absolutely nice …

  • Goo says

    nice font

  • Anthony says

    If your tombstone doesn’t look like that, than I fear your family doesn’t truly understand you, good sir.

  • Ken says

    thats one good looking headstone. the elegant beautiful typeface, the solid black color; it all works extremely well!

    simplicity rules all!

  • pat taylor says

    If that headstone design is available, I’m ready.

  • Manu says

    Really nice…

  • Theo says

    Just simple and clean !

  • timo says

    Reminds me of the Monolith.

    I’ve always been a fan of Paul Rand’s headstone…

  • Nick Hallam says

    Is the tomb stone a Golden Rectangle?

  • Derek says

    Looks like a business card!

  • Kezia says

    A whole bunch of wills are now being amended with an extra section ‘design requirements’ 🙂

  • Dani says

    Paul Rand’s headstone was designed by his friend the late Fred Troller, a great designer and artist himself. I made the artwork for it.