1976 Montréal Olympics Graphics Manual

1976 montreal olympics graphics manual

I’ve been very lucky to finally find a copy of the Graphics Manual for the 1976 Montréal Olympics, which is my personal favorite Olympic identity. I’m a little obsessed with collection pieces from these games. I particularly fond of graphics manuals like this because they provide a window into the the thinking and process behind the identity system. It’s the closest you get to having the designer explain the system, in this case Georges Huel and Pierre-Yves Pelletier.

7 thoughts on “1976 Montréal Olympics Graphics Manual

  1. How much did you have to pay for it?
    eBay finding?

    Congrats! Munich is my favorite, but Montréal is my second favorite.

  2. I like this examples of pure and clean typography on your site.
    Current flamboyant grafic-design appears – in contrast to this – like late rococo style đŸ˜‰

  3. My father was a marshal for Soccer at the 1976 Olympics (some of the round robin games were played in Toronto, ON, I have the shirt and name badge he was given for being a volunteer. If I your interested, I’ll take some photos and send them along.

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