Buddy Carr 66 Signature Model


The “66” is the latest skateboard I designed for Buddy Carr Skateboards. It’s Buddy’s signature model, so he’ll be ripping it up on one at the pools across SoCal.

Lately, Buddy and I have been inspired by GP racing graphics from the 60s and 70s. I’ve always loved the light blue and orange color scheme of the Ford GT40 Gulf Oil, so I used that as inspiration for this board. The design morphed into the final angled version after a few rounds of ideas that played off the simple classic racing graphics. The text is set in Univers Ultra Condensed, which really compliments the design.

As always, it was a blast designing this. You can check out more photos and info or buy a complete at Buddy Carr Skateboards.

8 Comments on "Buddy Carr 66 Signature Model"

  • My birthday is coming up. Do you think 38 is too old to start skating again? That deck is so tight I may consider it. Ollie up! heehehe

    • Emily, thanks. You’re never too old to roll around town on a board.

  • This is really rather lovely. I still have the Hello board you did, took the dive and parted with some hard earned cash… it’s only been used a few times, it’s too smooth to get dirty. So it sits in my studio, pride of place up against the wall so you can see it when you walk in. 🙂

    Oh, so tempted.


    • I know what you mean Graham. I have each one I’ve designed and I’m dying to ride them but just can’t do it.

  • Matt says

    I love this, beautiful work!

  • ah says

    really nice, but the back wheels and truck rubber should be light blue…

  • Jose G says

    I bought the Hello board a few months ago as my first board and I loved it. (Sadly since it was really my first board it has quite a bit of wear and tear from me falling so it isn’t as pretty anymore but still looks good). I just made the jump and bought this as my second board. Love the design, keep it up!

    NYC all day everyday!

  • alex says

    My, oh my! This makes me want to bust out the knee pads and drop in. Great execution!