Kristín Agnarsdóttir


Recent graduate Kristín Agnarsdóttir designed this Knoll Architectural Paint packaging for a design class at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. The class assignment was to either redesign an existing architectural paint line or choose a brand or designer and invent a paint line for them. Here’s what had to say about why she selected the Knoll brand:

Based on my love for strong simple mid century designs, I chose Knoll as my inspiration and maker of a new line of paint colors. The name is french and means “light”. The idea is that they only make a very selected line of colors inspired by their textiles and color choices through the decades.

Excellent choice of colors that would make this product stand out from the rest. I’d by this stuff solely on the great design of the packaging.

I’m sure she received in A in that class. I love seeing work of this caliber coming from recent graduates.

4 thoughts on “Kristín Agnarsdóttir

  1. Great work here! One thing I would suggest however, is to develop a distinct visual difference between the interior and exterior mixes. This will eliminate the need to compare, what seems to be two identical packages for two different results.

    Best of luckā€¦keep of the good work!

  2. The design is very striking. It would definitely catch your eye at the store. The simplistic elements and classic style are certainly Knoll’s calling card. Well done! Some people just have it, and Kristin seems to be one of them.

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