Lacoste: The Element Of Style



There’s something about the Lacoste brand and products that I love:  they’re well-designed, detailed and minimal. So I’m excited to see that these concepts were extended to their new book, Lacoste: The Element Of Style? by Olivier Margot?. The book presents the visual history of this classic brand in a well-designed package. I personally love the simple design of the cover — which comes in 5 different color-ways — and the canvas texture.

I did some quick searching and couldn’t find any info on the designer of the book. I wonder if Lacoste did it themselves.

You can grab a copy of the book from Amazon or Assouline?.


6 thoughts on “Lacoste: The Element Of Style

  1. Nice. I love the brand. I own three pairs of their sneakers. One with velcro. Talk about clean design…

  2. Lets hope Lacoste can raise from the massive piratism it has suffered from. I still think it effects their brand, unfortunately. Never liked that crocodile symbol so much, but their logotype is beautiful. Especially that “CO” part 🙂

  3. I must have spent hundreds on Lacoste over the years, in fact I’m wearing a polo shirt today!

    These books look exactly like their clothes. Modern, colourful, fun, simple.

  4. Hello.
    Assouline (the publishing house) did the design of the interior of the book, I did the exterior and put forward the idea of having multiple covers, like a multi-color pile of polos.

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