T-Star Typeface


Every now and again a condensed typeface comes around that simply knocks my socks off. T-Star by designer Michael Mischler is one of them. Originally designed for the book Los Logos, T-Star is a condensed sans-serif that features 9 weights and some interesting details like the Q. I love how simple and light the face feels overall.

You can check out the specimen here.        

6 Comments on "T-Star Typeface"

  • It’s nice enough but that Q gets me. Blown opportunity.

  • T-Star is definitely one of the more successful typefaces from the recent trend in strict geometry. It doesn’t make the common mistakes found in more amateurish attempts in the genre (though I do agree with Khoi on the Q).

    Here’s better link to the full family which includes the cousin: T-Star Mono Round.

  • Stephen, agree and that was a great read. Thanks for linking. I do find the Q interesting but it does make you wonder how it works at a small size.

  • Paul says

    I too am skeptical about that Q. You can see already that it will visually “fill in” at the bottom, especially at small sizes. Subtle ink traps or simply a redesign might alleviate it.

    There is something quaint and lovely about that /f/…

    all and all great work!

  • I personally prefer the Mono Round design — it zigs where the other one zags.

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