Metro40 by BMW Designworks


BMW Group DesignworksUSA, in collaboration with Landscape Forms, has designed Metro40, a stunning collection of site furniture for street-scapes and transit environments. The collection includes a shelter, trash receptacle, bench, bike rack, bollard, lights and poster display. The entire collection is brilliantly designed, but the piece that stands out for me is the bench.

The design is streamlined and simple and makes use of some fine materials. I personally love the sweeping curves and how the legs are one continues piece that form a part of the back and seat. I’m sure my butt would appreciate sitting on one of these.        

4 thoughts on “Metro40 by BMW Designworks

  1. Lovely piece of elegant design. Love how the metallic support structure looks like an elastic band. Which is a beautiful contradiction which adds to its tactility. And the wood is curved off too so the eye flows over the contours. This is more than a ubiquitous bench. It is a piece of sculpture.

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