Grid Calculator 1.3


A new version (1.3) of the excellent Grid Calculator has been released for the Mac. The main feature of this upgrade is the ability to calculate grids for web design. It’s the only stand-alone app that I know of that supports both print and web. Pretty sweet. I’ve been told that the PC version is coming soon.

Here are some more new features:

• Inches and Points support.
• More paper sizes (DIN, ANSI and Arch).
• Great new time-saving feature “Copy Settings” introduced – NO more back and forth!
• Modified “Quick conversion” section.
• Web designer friendly, use Points in 72 ppi resolution and calculate your grid.

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4 thoughts on “Grid Calculator 1.3

  1. Tried the basic (free trial) version and it’s very good. Found myself going step-by-step through the Youtube supporting video – it would be great for Abbe to put together a step-by-step PDF to have to hand instead of referring to the video.

    Really impressed with the application, superb results! Just need to buy the full app now!

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