LemonAid Beverages


One of my favorite design studios, BVD, just finished up some stunning new work for the German company LemonAid Beverages. They created a simple and eye catching design for the new drinks ChariTea and Lemonaid. BVD also selected a classic bottle design on which the graphics are silkscreened instead of using labels. I’d drink this stuff even if it tasted bad just because the design is gorgeous. Also, definitely check out the LemonAid site by demodern. The typography and videos are awesome.        

6 thoughts on “LemonAid Beverages

  1. Both of these bottle designs are beautiful.
    Which leads me wonder, once again, WHY is food and beverage packaging in the U.S. so appallingly ugly? Have you seen the “new” Snapple bottles? They’re a messy mish-mash of starbursts, flowers, random swirly things — no structure, organization, and certainly no empty space. It looks like the design elements were thrown up in the air and just happened to land where they now sit, making the world uglier.

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