Type Factory


Fascinating branding work by University College Falmouth student, Huda Abdul Aziz. Type Factory is a full branding project for a fictional typographic museum in South Kensington. The project was awarded a merit by ISTD. I think this is a great example of how masking parts of the characters can create an interesting form, while not disturbing the legibility of the type.

Here’s more from the designer about the idea behind the project:

The concept revolves around the theme of deconstruction. The brand values of the Type Factory identity are informative, engaging and dynamic. The brand promise is about seeing type differently. The design solution includes the logo, a booklet to promote the venue, advertising and applications within the museum.


7 Comments on "Type Factory"

  • i do really love this idea.
    a typographic museum would be nice!

    i just have a question. this a fictional museum, but the museum on this picture really looks like to MACBA in barcelona!!!

  • Jono says

    Type fact #6 could have been the letters Ff instead of Aa – relating the tip number to the letter’s place/number in the alphabet.

    Nice work though.

  • Amazing work. Caps off!!

  • Rob says

    Nice choice of colour.

  • Student work gets better each minute. I love it. Thanks for posting this.

  • Excellent work.

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