The Nooka Zub


One of my many obsessions is a well designed watch. People that know me personally know that I always have a “weird” watch strapped to my arm. There are a few qualities I look for in a well designed watch. For one it has to have a minimal design and two, the way the time is displayed has to be unique. Nooka creates watches that exhibit both qualities, and exceptionally I might add.

For those not familiar, Nooka was founded by artist and designer, Matthew Waldman, to create a more intuitive way to view time through linear and graphic representations. A company that makes well designed products that work and make sense. Nooka is one of my favorite product companies, right behind Apple, because of their aesthetics and innovation. They just get it.

I personally own a Zub Zenv sg 38 in black. I absolutely love it. Most of the watch is made of a soft, breathable plastic that is extremely comfortable. The new time display takes a few hours to get use to, but once you do you’ll realize that it makes much more sense.

The watch above is the Zub ZenH in Fire Engine Red, which will be available at the end of February. You can pre-order it for $130.

And no, this isn’t paid advertisement. I just love the damn company.        

12 thoughts on “The Nooka Zub

  1. i love the company too. i just wish their watches weren’t so large. my small wrist looks tiny compared to the face. maybe if they made a specific women’s line that would be good for us thinner types.

  2. I have a nooka watch. it’s the exact same as this one; except instead of rectangles on the screen it has circles. but the color and everything else is the same.

  3. I’ve been wanting to buy a Zub for quite some time now, but Nooka saying that it’s SUPPOSED to break in a few years worries me. Is that really going to happen?

  4. Nice! I saw these a while back but couldn’t remember the brand. I love any brightly coloured watch… I wear an old green g-shock, which I also have in white!

  5. i just recently got into watches.
    walked in for a fossil, and walked out with two.
    the discovery of Nooka could mean very bad things for my wallet.
    beautiful, though – that’s for sure!

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